27 Jun 2020


Nashville, TN (June 25, 2020) – Indie/Pop

27 Jun 2020

Nashville, TN (June 25, 2020) – Indie/Pop artist soyboi recently released the official video for his debut single “3pm.” You can watch it HERE!

With mysterious lyrics like is it bliss, is it hell, I’m not sure I can tell, what is pain, when it’s masked, I’m afraid just to ask, “3pm” is sure to intrigue listeners.

soyboi is an anonymous artist who wants to write about things he’s passionate about, without exposing the people he loves. He seeks to reduce the stigma around mental health – especially, but not exclusive, towards men.

Soyboi is a term meaning lacking all masculine qualities – it’s meant to be an insult,” the artist explains.”With this music, I’d love to show everyone that it’s okay to have darker feelings, or deep feelings at all. And, it’s okay – in fact, necessary – to talk about them.”

You can follow soyboi on Instagram and SoundCloud.


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