Music Celebration: Happy Anniversary, Anchor Publicity!
01 Aug 2018

Music Celebration: Happy Anniversary, Anchor Publicity!

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01 Aug 2018

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Let us set the stage and tell you what you missed, (or didn’t miss), this past Thursday evening at Frisky Frog’s on Demonbreun.  We had:

Live Music.
Goodie-bags filled with cookies, mints, earbuds, pens, and discount codes.
And best of all….

A really awesome reason to celebrate!

Our good friends at Anchor Publicity just surpassed their two-year anniversary!  That’s right.  They have been building bridges and helping artists for an entire two years now.  In fact, they’re so good at it that they get to continue doing it!  Here at Nashville Offbeat, we have been recommending Anchor Publicity to our community for months.  Among many other reasons, we love this company because it’s run by a sincerely passionate and hard-working human.  Colleen Lippert hustles for each artist on her roster; gaining results and propelling music careers forward through writing press releases and professional bios, managing social media, and promoting tours and albums.

The night was hosted by Jammin’ in Jammies, run by Country artist Megan Barker.  She is an exceptional songwriter and a pinnacle for the Nashville music scene.  She curates songwriters across all genres each Thursday night at Frisky Frogs for a truly unique Music City experience.  These nights involve wearing pajamas out in public, and bring together a community of songwriters and fans alike.  This week showcased eleven exceptional different artists.  Among them: Austin Steele (folk/rock), Michelle Pereira(Pop, Soul), Jan Buckingham (Country), and of course, Megan Barker herself!

Here’s to another year of amazing service from Anchor Publicity!  If you’re in need of any PR services, connect with them on Instagram and Facebook, check out their website at, or email owner Colleen Lippert directly at to get started.


“Anchor Yourself to Something Special.”

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