01 Aug 2018

Interview with Anchor Publicity: So What’s the Deal With PR?!

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01 Aug 2018

Read the Article on NashvilleOffBeat.com

Like many of you reading this, I’m a musician, and I’m willing to admit that I only knew two things about PR prior to meeting with someone in the industry.  Those two things were: The letters “P” and “R,” stand for Public Relations, and that my friends sometimes hire agencies like this when they want to create a buzz around their music.

We all want a buzz to be happening around our music!  When we’re featured in a blog, or on a podcast, or do a live interview on a radio station, it creates momentum.   Momentum from which we can ultimately gain new fans, book more shows, and (fingers crossed) make more money.

With that in mind, some of you may say, “but I don’t need to hire anyone to get my name out there because I know how to send an email.”  I felt the same way until I realized that this mindset caused me to miss out on opportunities to be featured by media outlets. It takes a lot of time to establish the connections, write the perfect press release, and to research the best places to reach out to – especially if you’re working a day job and writing new music in your free time.  Luckily, Colleen Lippert, owner of Anchor Publicity, has already established those relationships, done the research, and writes the press releases. So, to get us all on the same page and to widen our resourceful intellect, we’re doing monthly interviews with Colleen about PR and how it can be beneficial to you!

1. What does a PR company do for an independent artist?

“At Anchor Publicity, I offer a vast variety of services, including professional biographies, press release production, social media management, electronic press kits, tour press, album promotion, crisis management and general career guidance.

As a publicist, it’s my job to get people talking about you! I handle all media relations with bloggers, magazine editors, radio programmers, television stations, etc. and set up artist interviews. I also attend artists’ shows and ensure “meet and greets” with fans run smoothly.”

2. When is an artist ready to hire a PR company?  Are there any milestones that they should hit before reaching out to you?

“In my opinion, it’s never too early for PR. The sooner people hear your name and your music, the sooner your fan base starts growing! Releasing a new single, gearing up for a tour, promoting a new album – these are all great examples of when to hire a publicist.”

3. When an artist hires Anchor Publicity, what does the first month of that contract look like?  What results can they expect to see?

“There are two different options I offer my clients. The first one is a monthly retainer where artists are provided an unlimited amount of PR services during each month.  A monthly retainer also guarantees the artist a permanent spot at Anchor Publicity. 

The other option is “a la carte.” If an artist isn’t looking to do a long campaign or can’t afford to do a monthly retainer, they can choose to “buy as they go.” They might need a press release one month, but nothing else until a few months down the road. This option can be more cost effective, but does not guarantee that a spot will be open in the future.

With PR, you pay for effort. While an artist feature or interview cannot be guaranteed, I promise to work diligently on your behalf to get you the best results.”

4. On a personal note, what drives you (as owner of Anchor Publicity), to do this work for musicians? 

“I’ve always been fascinated with the entertainment business – especially the music industry. When I was seven years old, I attended my first concert and saw Cher at Madison Square Garden in New York City. I was mesmerized by the bright lights and fancy costumes, but what I loved even more was the power that music had. Thousands of complete strangers, of all different ages, races and social classes, bonded for one night while singing the lyrics to their favorite songs. It was if time had stopped for a few hours and that feeling still resonates with me today. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in this business and I’m so grateful to be living out my dream while helping others achieve theirs.”

5. How can artists contact you who are interested in working together, or who may be in the future?

“I can be contacted through my website, anchorpublicity.com, or through my Facebook and Instagram accounts – @AnchorPublicity. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me! I love meeting new people and look forward to embarking on new adventures.”

As mentioned above, Nashville Offbeat will be doing monthly articles with Colleen Lippert and we would love to hear what you’re questions are about PR!  If there’s something you would like to know, please email Christine at info@nashvilleoffbeat.comand we will be sure to get you an answer.

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