14 Mar 2019


Nashville, TN (March 13, 2019) – Indie

14 Mar 2019

Nashville, TN (March 13, 2019) – Indie chill-pop artist SEREENA is set to release her fourth highly-anticipated single, Thinking About You, this Friday, March 15. You can pre-save the song HERE!

Thinking About You incorporates a mixture of up-beat drum beats and electro-pop keyboard sounds to accomplish that relaxed, chill vibe Sereena is known for. Sereena’s sharp, bluesy vocals, meshed with her tight harmonies, lay comfortably on top of the vibes track.

Listeners will be reminded of their secret crush from the love-themed lyrics of Thinking About You. “I wrote this thinking about a guy I never had the guts to express my emotions to,” Sereena explains. “We would always pass each other throughout life at random hangout spots. We both knew there was a connection, but neither of us were confident enough to say anything.”

Recently coming off her debut singles You Love Me, Mind Abuse and Vibes that hit over 50K streams on Spotify combined, Sereena now brings Thinking About You off her upcoming EP to listeners.


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