30 May 2019


Nashville, TN (May 31, 2019) – Country

30 May 2019

Nashville, TN (May 31, 2019) – Country sweetheart and singer/songwriter Alisha Pace recently released her debut single “Naked and Lazy.” You can download the song HERE!

With enchanting lyrics like stripped down like Eden, no clothes means no leaving, today you’re the only face I wanna see, nothin’ better than being naked and lazy, “Naked and Lazy” is the perfect song for those summer romances.

After writing Naked and Lazy in July of 2018 with Levi Burwell, Alisha sent the work tape to her parents for some input.  “There’s a part in the song where we talked about the two song characters making a cake together – obviously naked and lazy,” Alisha explains. “Every time I sing it, I think about my mom’s response… ‘Well, the words are good Alisha -but seriously, making a cake together naked? There has GOT to be some health code violations!’ I just rolled. Such a good mom – HEALTH FIRST!”

About Alisha Pace:
Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Alisha Pace is all about embracing the “sweet” things in life. Her music brings the sounds of country and pop together to tell stories of love, life, and not letting anything get ya down while you’re discovering who you are. After graduating from Baylor University in 2016 with a degree in Professional Sales, Alisha moved to Nashville and has had a variety of unique job roles while also pursuing her music career; including being a karaoke host, selling dumpsters for Waste Management, and getting people out of timeshares. Her experiences in Nashville and the people she’s met have given her the stories necessary to put pen to paper and allow her songs to come to life. “Naked and Lazy” is the first of several singles she plans to release in 2019.

For more information, visit www.alishapace.com and follow Alisha on FacebookInstagram and Spotify.


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