25 Feb 2020


Nashville, TN (February 25, 2020) – Americana

25 Feb 2020

Nashville, TN (February 25, 2020) – Americana Rocker and singer/songwriterTom Galloway just released his newest single, “If You Never Will.” You can download the song HERE!

With empathetic, yet relatable lyrics like well I was sick and tired of facing that third degree, like trying to put out a fire with a can full of gasoline, the flames burned out and it’s cold tonight, truth is you’ve never been satisfied, “If You Never Will” is sure to resonate with anyone who has been through a breakup.

“This song relates to the struggles and loss of relationships, how we have to pull ourselves out of the darkness and keep moving forward,” Galloway explains.

About Tom Galloway:
Born in Georgia, raised in Texas, and currently writing songs in Nashville, TN, Tom Galloway combines roots of Americana, classic country and rock to form a unique blend of expression and storytelling. Developing his craft for years, strong hooks, captivating lyrics, and compelling music have been his mission. Since 2008, he has toured the country extensively as the principal songwriter and front man for the rock bands Mama’s Love, Maradeen, and Stampede. He released his debut solo record, Cross Currents, in 2018. Now with his sophomore upcoming solo release, Rearview, he continues to perform, record, and write timeless music.  His first single from this upcoming album is entitled, “If You Never Will.”

For more information, visit www.tomgalloway.net and connect with Tom on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


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