22 Sep 2018


Nashville, TN (September 18, 2018) – Electro-Pop/Rock

22 Sep 2018

Nashville, TN (September 18, 2018) – Electro-Pop/Rock musician SAMBO WOLF recently released the video for his latest single MOONSMOKE. You can watch the video HERE! A remix by ESCPE will be dropping on September 19, 2018.

MOONSMOKE is designed to share a moment suspended in time, a moment of pure freedom and fleeting bliss,” Wolf explains. “The lyrics are based on true events from my life – an ethereal moment between two lovers enjoying life outside the box – disregarding the rest of the world for a night of liberty in youth. The music video, directed by Samantha Hearn and starring Mila Vilaplana and Kara Nikol, furthers this idea and portrays a night of careless fun in the colorful city lights between two friends who would take on the world together. I believe everyone needs a summer when they can take some time to let life lead you to new places, kick back and blow a little smoke in the moon glow.”

Nashville native Sambo Wolf has embarked on a new journey of self-expression as a solo artist after years of touring and writing with various groups performing a variety of genres. His ethereal pop dreamscapes feature a touch of synth-wave mixed with a Nudisco backbone.

“I wanted to do something that was true to myself and the listener, something that everyone involved with can have fun enjoying, even if it’s just by overhearing the song in passing,” the musician proclaims.

Each moment of every Sambo Wolf song is designed to impress upon the listener a feeling of freedom and connection. These ideals were  brought to life with the help of  Jet Black Alley Cat members Bryant Lowry and Joe Jett, both of whom have earned production and performance credits on Sambo’s first two singles. Inspired by a multitude of pop artists across the decades, Sambo Wolf is a powerhouse of groove, with the right dash of infectious hooks and dream-like imagery.

For more information, you can connect with Sambo Wolf on Facebook and Instagram and hear his music on iTunes and Spotify.


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