25 Apr 2019


Nashville, TN (April 25, 2019) – Nashville-based

25 Apr 2019

Nashville, TN (April 25, 2019) – Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Varga recently released his debut single Sex & Whiskey. You can listen to the song HERE!
The lyrics she hates picket-fences but loves Rock ‘n Roll, kick off Sam Varga’s debut single just in time for summer. The edgy ballad is evocative of both Sam’s early punk days and his time in Nashville as a songwriter. Best enjoyed at max volume with the windows down, Sex & Whiskey is perfect for your summer playlist so you can still be running when the tank goes empty, ‘cuz you and me run on…sex and whiskey.
“Sex & Whiskey is a high energy summer road trip anthem,” Varga explains. “Fast like 90 MPH and sexier than a Tennessee sunset.”
About Sam Varga:
Coming from the fast paced punk scenes of his high school days to the Blues of Austin TX, Sam always felt most at home writing honest songs on an acoustic guitar. Now he’s chasing something sonically along the lines of a “punk Jackson Browne.” His first single Sex & Whiskey is a high energy road-trip anthem and his first dip into solo artist “thing”. The Kentucky native now calls Nashville home after planting some serious roots in a short amount of time and has plans to release more music this year.You can connect with Sam on Facebook and Instagram.


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