25 Jun 2021


Nashville, TN (June 25, 2021) – Alternative/Pop-Rock

25 Jun 2021

Nashville, TN (June 25, 2021) – Alternative/Pop-Rock singer/songwriter Nick Ryan is back with a new single! You can listen to “Don’t Hold Your Breath” HERE!

With edgy lyrics like I’ve been fighting for my rights, but feel taken for granted, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” showcases an array of different emotions that can come after a betrayal. Click HERE to watch the official music video.

Don’t Hold Your Breath (co-written with Sarah McSweeney) is a song about letting go of a toxic relationship – whether it be love, or in my case, a friendship,” Nick explains. “It’s a response to people that don’t hold you in a high regard. You’re giving and they are only taking. They emotionally drain you, so if they try to crawl their way back into your life, tell them don’t hold your breath. I was inspired by that catchphrase which was used in a very old Nickelodeon show called ‘My Brother and Me.’ The quote is the only part I remember from that show, as it was only 13 episodes. I have many nods to 90s television throughout my album.”

About Nick Ryan:
Nick Ryan is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He graduated with degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. He was a member of GRAMMY U during college and transitioned to a Voting Member of the Recording Academy in 2016.

Five years since his debut album Lone Wolf, Nick Ryan is coming back with a vengeance with his sophomore effort Nemesis. During that time, Nick worked with GRAMMY winners, former major label band members and music publishers and songwriters across North America and Europe, trying to hone in on his artistry and take his career to the next level. After many trials, errors and disappointments trying to please everyone but himself, he has finally taken control of his artistry. Experimenting with various producers both in the Washington, DC area and his new home in Nashville, TN, he has finally found the right collaborators to realize his vision. Produced by Jordan Grubbs at Magic Square Recording in Nashville, Nemesis is a collection of songs dealing with taking control and power back. 

For more information, visit www.nickryanofficial.com and follow Nick on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Patreon.


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