25 Jun 2021


Nashville, TN (June 25, 2021) – Indie-Pop

25 Jun 2021

Nashville, TN (June 25, 2021) – Indie-Pop singer/songwriter Marion Shaina recently released her debut single “The Incredible Shrinking Girl.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With heart-rending lyrics like at night I strive for impossible things, but lately the real world’s been really weighing in, “The Incredible Shrinking Girl” is sure to resonate with those who sometimes feel small in a big world.

“I started writing The Incredible Shrinking Girl at a time when I was wasn’t writing a lot of songs,” Marion explains. “I had just transferred colleges, I hadn’t really made any friends yet, and I remember I was reading this book about the circus. One night, I was thinking about how cool all of the circus character names were. Then I thought: if I were in the circus, what would my circus character name be? And it hit me: The Incredible Shrinking Girl. My superpower, my special skill, was shrinking myself – making myself so small that even if I was special and perfect and incredible, no one could see it. I couldn’t let anyone see it. And that realization hurt. So I wrote down the name, kept reading, and pushed the thought out of my mind. But, The Incredible Shrinking Girl was something I kept coming back to. It became my alter-ego. Any time I made a mistake or made myself small or felt like I didn’t belong, that was who I was. Marion, The Incredible Shrinking Girl.

About Marion Shaina:
Having grown up in a household without contemporary music, for every song her parents missed on the radio, Marion listened 3 times as hard. In the 8th grade, Marion picked up the guitar and hasn’t put it down since. Performing her original songs at the weekly open mic nights at Spoon Coffee House & Eatery in Lindenhurst, Long Island, Marion lived off of what she calls “the moment” – that first split second when someone suddenly stops what they are doing, looks up, and listens. Marion has their full attention. In that magical moment, she is able to create a connection. It’s like having her own personal superpower.

At the age of 18, Marion moved to Nashville, TN for college. She knew that any city labeled Music City was where she belonged – and Music City is where she has been ever since.

Marion loves the way songwriting helps her develop deeper bonds with the world around her. She loves to see how her music changes in meaning over time, but never in relevancy. The indie pop songstress hopes that, by putting her music out into the world, she might be able to create more connections than she would have been capable of had she pursued any other path in life.

Marion Shaina’s debut single, The Incredible Shrinking Girl, was released on June 25, 2021.

For more information, visit www.marionshaina.com and follow Marion on Facebook and Instagram.


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