09 Aug 2019


Nashville, TN (August 9, 2019) – Nashville-based

09 Aug 2019

Nashville, TN (August 9, 2019) – Nashville-based singer/songwriter Alex Noelle recently released her newest single “Philadelphia.” You can download the song HERE!

With empathetic lyrics like sunset chasing, thoughts are racing, I’m driving home alone, daylight fading, I’m still waiting to feel like I’m at home, “Philadelphia” is sure to stir up nostalgic memories.

“The most important thing I hope people find in my music is honesty,” Alex Noelle explains. “I’m not here to hide any good, bad, or taboo thing about my life or my feelings or my personality.  I hope that in being open about who I am, others can feel the courage to do the same.”

About Alex Noelle:
Alex Noelle is a singer/songwriter and an emotional storyteller. Her honest-to-a-fault lyrics are both relatable and, at times, playfully dark. Mixed with a pure vocal tone and rhythm-driven instrumentals, her sound blends the likes of Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, Hozier, Noah Kahan and Kina Grannis.

Throughout her childhood, many experiences with loss, love, and mental health challenges led her to rely on music for healing and she dedicated her time to training, performing, and songwriting.  This later became her inspiration to become a music therapist in Philadelphia. In 2018, Noelle officially relocated to Nashville to pursue a full-time artist career.  Noelle hopes that her upcoming series of single releases can offer connection and catharsis for all of the life stuff that is hardest to sit with alone.

For more information, visit www.alexnoellemusic.com and follow Alex Noelle on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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