20 Feb 2024

Southern Sitters: Empowering Women and Revolutionizing Childcare with Innovative Babysitting App

Nashville, TN (February 20, 2024) – As International

20 Feb 2024

Nashville, TN (February 20, 2024) – As International Women’s Day approaches on March 8th, Southern Sitters, an innovative childcare solution, stands out as a beacon of female empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit. Led by CEO Savannah Maddison, the company has garnered attention for its impactful initiatives and rapid expansion.

You can now use the Southern Sitters app or web booking platform to book babysitters for your upcoming sitter needs! Each Southern Sitter candidate undergoes an extensive interview process designed by professionals to assess experience level, certifications, education, childcare skills, professionalism, enthusiasm, and punctuality. Additionally, all sitters undergo thorough background checks. 

Upon being hired, each Southern Sitter undergoes widespread company training and obtains CPR certification, ensuring they meet the highest standards of care. Many team members hold additional certifications, such as first aid, lifeguard certifications and more. 

Every Southern Sitter boasts over 2 years of professional childcare experience, encompassing various roles such as teaching, babysitting, nannying, pediatric medical care, newborn care, camp counselor positions, tutoring, and more. 

When you are matched with a sitter for an upcoming date, you will see their bio, certifications, picture, contact information, and more. No other nanny service commits to monthly furthering of your nanny’s childcare education while offering a flexible membership-style subscription to make finding your perfect match affordable.

Southern Sitters isn’t just about convenience; it’s about empowerment. By prioritizing the financial independence and professional development of its caregivers, Southern Sitters is creating thousands of job opportunities for women across the country. Unlike other services, Southern Sitters takes no percentage of sitter wages, allowing caregivers to take control of their finances and access exceptional training opportunities.

“I founded Southern Sitters with the vision of empowering women and providing families with peace of mind,” says Savannah Maddison, the remarkable 22-year-old entrepreneur behind Southern Sitters. “Our success is a testament to the dedication of our team and the trust placed in us by the communities we serve.”

Savannah Maddison has been nominated as a Woman of Impact by the American Heart Association, highlighting her commitment to philanthropy and women’s heart health. Through local fundraising efforts and advocacy, Southern Sitters is not only revolutionizing childcare but also making a tangible difference in the community’s well-being.

In line with February being Heart Month, Southern Sitters continues to raise awareness and funds for heart health while providing essential childcare services. The company’s dedication to giving back extends to its recent expansions in Huntsville, Alabama, and Dallas, Texas, bringing convenient and reliable childcare solutions to more families.

As International Women’s Day approaches, Southern Sitters reaffirms its commitment to supporting women, revolutionizing childcare, and making a positive impact on communities nationwide.

For more information, visit www.southernsitter.com and follow Southern Sitters on Facebook and Instagram.

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