16 Apr 2021


Nashville, TN (April 16, 2021) – Pop

16 Apr 2021

Nashville, TN (April 16, 2021) – Pop singer/songwriter CASSANDRA just released her debut EP entitled “Made for Me.” You can listen to it HERE!

The four-song EP includes previously released singles Drinking Games, Like You and Love Country, which have all received positive press from publications like The Sounds Won’t Stop, Sleeping Bag Studios, BuzzMusic, Medium and more.

“Made for Me” Track List:
1. Drinking Games
2. Like You
3. Love Country
4. Made for Me

Made for Me is an anthem for being unapologetically YOU,” CASSANDRA explains. “People may try to hold you back, tell you to be less, or judge you for being yourself. This song is an ode to the fighters who aren’t afraid to be themselves and will take charge of their lives before allowing someone else to hold them down. I thought Made for Me was the perfect title for this EP, as I broke out from my world of classical singing into pop. I really did make this for me to follow my heart, spark my creativity, and find my sound.”

Born in Rockville, MD, CASSANDRA began singing as soon as she could speak. She grew up in Duluth, GA before moving to Binghamton, NY for middle school and high school. Her family resides in Jacksonville, FL. “Every city I’ve lived in has taught me something about myself and the world around me,” she explains. “Although it was difficult to move often, I’m grateful for the memories I have made and the lessons I have learned in each place.”

In high school, CASSANDRA began to dabble with her songwriting skills, composing several pop songs but never releasing them. It wasn’t until the Coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in 2020 that she found what she loved most about the creative process of music. She started writing and co-writing pop music and began recording soon after.

As a trained opera singer, CASSANDRA has a vast vocal range that spans over four octaves. She has a fierce sound, with the ability to seamlessly weave in and out of tricky vocal runs that would trip up most singers.  As an artist, her goal is to never treat two songs the same, thus developing a new sound for each one.

CASSANDRA is currently attending the New England Conservatory of Music, where she is studying Classical Voice and Opera.

For more information, visit www.cassandraofficialmusic.com and follow CASSANDRA on InstagramTikTok and Spotify.


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