21 Jul 2023


Nashville, TN (July 20, 2023) – Indie

21 Jul 2023

Nashville, TN (July 20, 2023) – Indie Folk-Pop singer/songwriter and recording artist Julia Cannon recently released her new album “How Many.” You can listen to it HERE!

Track Listing:
1. How Many
2. Day 2 Day
3. These Dreams
4. Just Let It
5. Yellow Lines
6. Still 17
7. Panic Attack Song
8. Break
9. Unglued
10. Glow
11. August 27th
12. Someday

“I’m proud of this album,” Julia shares. “I crowdfunded for it, wrote all the songs, produced and mixed everything.  My hope is that when people listen, they feel seen in the parts of themselves that they’ve been told to keep dimly lit.  Many of these songs I wrote because I needed to be seen, too.”

Julia previously released “Glow,” “Unglued,” “Yellow Lines,” “Break,” and “These Dreams” as singles, accumulating over 30K streams on Spotify before the album’s delivery.

WEFT-FM 90.1 in Champaign, Illinois will debut “Day 2 Day” as part of the new “First Time Ever” program on Thursday, July 20th and 11:00 P.M. CST. 

About Julia Cannon:
Julia Cannon is an Alaska raised and now Nashville-based songwriter, recording artist and music producer who is hard to forget. Recently lauded for her “beautiful balladry” by Rolling Stone (2022), Julia’s soothing, honeyed voice and quirky personality offer a refreshing, vibrant contrast to the bittersweet honesty of her lyrics.

With a Filipino mom, a Panamanian Jamaican father, and a Native Alaskan step-dad, Julia’s influences were diverse and plentiful, making her songwriting just as colorful as her upbringing.  Julia’s sound has been described as playful and relaxing, but her tone transcends the folk-pop genre to include soul, rock, R&B, and jazz influences.

In July of 2022, she made her Newport Folk Festival debut, performing with the Black Opry as well as Langhorn SlimSierra FerrellJoy OladokunAdia Victoria, and several more earning her a nod from Rolling Stone.  You can also find Julia’s name on a plaque as a part of the Black Opry’s exhibit in the Country Music Hall of Fame, or opening for musicians such as new Tiktok star, Iniko, when they come through town.

Julia has a growing fanbase in Nashville, who join an existing community of ardent supporters both at home in Alaska and across the US. She is quickly becoming a fan-favorite on the popular social media platform TikTok, with over 14K followers. She released her newest album, “How Many,” on July 20, 2023.

Known for producing and mixing her own music, her outstanding musicality, disarming persona, beauty, style, and offbeat humor, Julia Cannon is a bright star to watch.
For more information, visit www.juliacmusic.com and follow Julia on FacebookInstagramTikTok and Spotify.


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