26 Oct 2023


Nashville, TN (October 27, 2023) – Soulful,

26 Oct 2023

Nashville, TN (October 27, 2023) – Soulful, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ellisa Sun recently released her newest single called “Who Knew.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With feisty lyrics like but there was one little hitch in your plan and she’s standing there holding your hand, “Who Knew” is a powerful breakup tune that showcases Ellisa’s cheeky sense of humor and captivating storytelling skills.

“Born in the 2020 lockdown on a zoom co-writing session with my friend, Kenzie Cates of Vancouver, ‘Who Knew’ is a very sassy tune about a guy who says he needs to be single to ‘find himself’ and then immediately finds another woman who looks just like the recently dumped one,” Ellisa shares. “When I tell this story at my performances, I’ve been surprisingly met with a lot of folks who’ve encountered this exact scenario…

This song tells a very specific story about rejection, loss, and saltiness. I absolutely loved the way my co-producer, Connor Gehlert, and I pieced together this song, making it a cool mixture of rock, soul, and singer/songwriter genres. The surprise ending is my favorite part!”

“Who Knew” is the second single from Ellisa’s upcoming album “Sarabi,” following “Once Upon A Time” which was released on September 1, 2023.

About Ellisa Sun:
Ellisa Sun cuts her heart out and leaves it on the stage, which is why she never wears white.

Originally from Los Angeles, she decided to hit the road in 2018 and embarked on her nationwide Dreamboat tour, playing 170 shows in 365 days while living in a 30-foot Winnebago. After the tour, Ellisa relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

Inspired primarily by R&B, soul, jazz, and bossa nova, Ellisa’s music is a unique blend of genres that creates a textured sound with raw, heartfelt lyricism. Ellisa’s music can be heard on the Sony Pictures Television show L.A.’s Finest, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba and the Hulu show Dollface, starring Kat Dennings and Brenda Song. Her song “Evening” was recently featured in the show Kung Fu on the CW. 

Ellisa launched a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign last year with ifundwomen and successfully raised $15,000 to support her upcoming record, which will feature 8 original songs and a team of Nashville’s finest musicians, producers and songwriters.
For more information, visit www.ellisasun.com and follow Ellisa on FacebookInstagramTwitterTikTokSpotify and Apple Music.

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