20 Sep 2019


Nashville, TN (September 20, 2019) – Americana

20 Sep 2019

Nashville, TN (September 20, 2019) – Americana singer/songwriter Cassidy Dickens just released her newest album, Anxious Love. You can download the album HERE!

Recorded by fellow Americana artist, songwriter and producer Ben Justus, Anxious Love was tracked in East Nashville and features instrumentation by Cassidy and Ben, as well as local folk duo Buffalo Gals and accomplished pianist John Deadrick.

Inspired by artists like Patty Griffin, Alanis Morissette, Jewel and Kacey Musgraves, Cassidy has truly developed a sound of her own. With empathetic song lyrics like anxious love, trembling heart picking everything apart, Cassidy’s album is sure to tug on the heartstrings of listeners.

“On my new record, I tried to tell relatable stories that capture the full range of human emotion – the turbulent highs of a new love, the lingering sorrow of profound regret, the melancholy hopefulness of chasing a dream that takes you away from home and everything in between,” Cassidy explains. “I think the world spends a lot of time telling us (and when I say us, I mean everyone – but especially women and girls) to put a filter on our feelings and only show off the pretty, interesting or positive stuff. Those things are great, but I really want my listeners to understand that there’s more to life than the highlight reel. Being alive in this world means dealing with some unpleasant feelings, some sad stories…and those things can be just as beautiful in their own special way.”

Cassidy will be hosting an album release party at Cafe Cimino Country Inn in her hometown of Sutton, West Virginia on October 19, 2019. For additional information, including stops on her upcoming tour, please visit her official website.

About Cassidy Dickens:
Raised on an eclectic blend of classic country, bluegrass gospel and oldies tunes, Cassidy first fell in love with narrative songwriting at age four while driving through her hometown in southern West Virginia in her Dad’s Chevy Lumina. From that day on, she’s chased her passion for singing and songwriting all over the U.S., performing throughout Appalachia, the southeast and the west coast for more than a decade.

In her new record Anxious Love, Cassidy harnesses her innate love of storytelling, poignant lyricism and uniquely emotional vocals to breathe new life into ancient motifs. Delving into complex topics like grief, longing, nostalgia, homesickness and all-consuming love, Cassidy sings with the intense passion of youth, but the soul and wisdom of someone many decades her senior.

For more information, visit http://www.cassidydickens.com and connect with Cassidy on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Spotify.


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