30 Jul 2021


Nashville, TN (July 30, 2021) – Interstellar folk

30 Jul 2021

Nashville, TN (July 30, 2021) – Interstellar folk songstress Annathyst recently released her debut album “Fly Again.” You can listen to the eight-song album HERE!

Track Listing:
1. All Night
2. Untied
3. Mountain Skies
4. Worthy
5. Fourmile
6. White Rose
7. Fly Again
8. What if I Stay
Fly Again is a collection of songs I wrote as the culmination of a long healing journey after the loss of my younger sister, and my process of mending my broken wings to fly again,” Annathyst explains.The folk artist previously released White Rose, All Night and Mountain Skies in early 2021. All three singles received rave reviews and were featured in publications like BuzzMusic, Medium, Grubs & Grooves, Skope Magazine, Volatile Weekly and more.

About Annathyst:
Originally from a different solar system, otherwise known as the backwoods of Michigan, Annathyst has never followed a traditional approach to music. Untamed by the structure of traditional music teaching, her interest in music often coincided with singing around the campfire with her acoustic guitar. But, it wasn’t until her early 20’s that she discovered that music was actually a necessity for her survival. Annathyst’s realization unfortunately came at a cost, when having to sing at her sister’s funeral; a moment that revealed to her the healing potential of her songs, hope in the midst of devastation. Ever since, writing music has led her to connect with something bigger, often calling it an “instantaneous transmission” – where songs seem to find her through a meadow wind, or when backpacking the Colorado Trail. In late 2019 she began working with producer/artist Julian Peterson of Wolf Den Records out of Colorado. The result was a set of songs, or transmissions, that expanded upon her raw sound into more interstellar places, though still retaining the faint scent of campfire. Her newly released debut album “Fly Again” is a story of mending her broken wings after loss and learning how to fly again.

For more information, visit www.wolfdenrecords.co and follow Annathyst on Instagram and Spotify.


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