27 Feb 2017


“Colleen Lippert is known around Nashville for

27 Feb 2017

“Colleen Lippert is known around Nashville for being supportive, smart, kind and beautiful in every way! I first met her when I launched a music blog called Nashville Offbeat back in 2017. Her business, Anchor Publicity, was one of my first sponsors and because of that I credit Colleen as one of the reasons that I really started believing in my ability to grow a business. All it takes is for one person to support you and offer kindness, and you can do anything. Anchor Publicity is an amazing resource for creatives in many ways. They offer bio writing, press releases, manage social media and more. Just sitting down for coffee with this boss lady can make you feel like you’re figuring it all out…Artists, creatives, entrepreneurs – this is your ally as you grow. 10/10 recommend.”

-Christine Harazim (Owner – Harazim Photography)


“Highly recommend!!! Colleen is professional, caring, and honest. I trust her completely. She did an amazing job with PR for my book. She thinks outside of the box and is so creative.”

-Mary Ann Kaylor-Griffiths (CEO of Kaylor Girl Promotions and author of “I’m Not Drunk, I’m Cooking”)


“This girl is IT – professional PR with integrity and attention. Enthusiasm all the way through.”

-Scott Saunders (Sims Image – Creative Photography Nashville)


“Working with Colleen Lippert and Anchor Publicity has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in the music industry. She is a top notch writer for bios and press releases and has the communication skills that put both the artist and editors at ease. I highly recommend Anchor Publicity for anyone looking to raise their voice and have their releases heard.”

-Dango Rose (Singer/Songwriter and co-founder of Elephant Revival)


“Without a doubt, Colleen is the best in the business in my opinion. The attention to detail and depth of knowledge for what works best for the artist is what separates Anchor from the rest. She learns who you are and where you need to be in order to create the most of your promotional campaign.”

-Todd Greene (Singer/Songwriter)


“You have no idea how impressed I am. I talked to people who paid thousands for campaigns with different companies and got almost nothing. You’ve gotten me a lot of placements and on our first go around. I will be hiring you every time!”

-Amanda McCarthy (Singer/Songwriter)


“Colleen is an absolute dream to work with. She gets you really great opportunities to showcase your personality as an artist!”

-Carl Pariso (Singer/Songwriter)


“Colleen is the best person in this business. She’s incredibly organized, intelligent, thoughtful and kind with all of her clients and artists. My career would not be where it is without her. There’s no one else like her.”

-Mexx Heart (Singer/Songwriter)


“Colleen Lippert was amazing to work with!!! She helped me out so much! She is super nice and so easy to work with. 100% recommend anybody who needs a publicist to contact her!”

-Caleb Orr (Singer/Songwriter)


“Anchor Publicity is one of our favorite PR firms to work with! They are professional, organized, knowledgeable and timely. All of the publicists there are very easy to get in contact with and are always so friendly and kind. We highly recommend!”

-Music City Melodies


“Colleen at Anchor Publicity – I have never had someone in the business that made me feel like I can truly be myself and she always brings out the best in me.”

-Carrie Cunningham (Singer/Songwriter)



“Thank you, so much, for the assistance – as always – and for being so warm and friendly! It’s a pleasure working with you.”

-Jamie Steinberg (Managing Editor, Starry Constellation Magazine)



“I have been working with Colleen at Anchor Publicity for the past few years now and every time she is professional, passionate and caring about her work. If you are an artist, band or creative looking for PR, then Anchor Publicity should be at the top of your list. With a variety of services to offer, you will not be disappointed in the result she gets. Absolute rockstar in the music scene.”

-Gemma Downes (Founder of Music of the Future)


“Colleen is absolutely fantastic at what she does, is easy and fun to work with, and is very professional. She helped my song release become the biggest it possibly could be, and I look forward to working with her again on my future releases! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent entertainment publicist!”

-Anthony Quaid (Singer/Songwriter)


“My sister and I (The Hobbs Sisters) got the chance to work with Anchor Publicity and Colleen Lippert after winning the Nashville Rising Star contest!  Colleen and the entire company were awesome and provided us with excellent service.  They were prompt, professional and so easy to work with!  So thankful we got the opportunity to work with them!”

-Lauren Hobbs (The Hobbs Sisters)


“You are such a hard worker, Colleen. I have great respect for you.”

-Jan Buckingham (Hit Songwriter)


“Colleen! You are so appreciated by the artists you’ve supported! I know I sure didn’t expect the results you got for me. Thank you.”

-Jennifer Lauren (Singer/Songwriter)


“I had such an amazing time working with Colleen!! There was always an open communication so I knew the latest updates about the campaign. She works hard to make sure your music is seen and heard. Highly recommend for PR!”

-Danielle Cormier (Singer/Songwriter)


“Colleen Lippert was a joy to work with! She helped my latest single, “Drinking Games,” find exposure in multiple outlets and was incredibly easy to work with. I would absolutely recommend Colleen to any independent artist looking for PR!”

-CASSANDRA (Singer/Songwriter)


“Hands down the most accommodating and helpful publicist I’ve ever worked with. Colleen gives insightful answers to even the most seemingly trivial questions. One of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. She wrote a press release for one of my tour dates and I’ve received more responses than I ever did on my own. Highly recommend Anchor Publicity.”

-Aaron Schilb (Singer/Songwriter)


“If you need a publicist who gets it done like a boss…Anchor Publicity, you are fabulous. Thank you.”

-Stevie Rae Stephens (Pop Singer/Songwriter, Season 12 “American Idol” Contestant)


“I loved working with Colleen! She was timely, efficient, and open to my ideas. I am so pleased with the end result. I would recommend her to anyone, especially if you are new to working with PR.”

-Karlie Bartholomew (Singer/Songwriter)


“I’d recommend Anchor Publicity to anyone! Working with Colleen on a press release for my new album was a great experience – she’s super pleasant and laid back, the process was extremely streamlined and efficient, the press release itself was great, and we managed to secure several mentions on online blogs/publications. Thanks again!”

-Cassidy Dickens (Singer/Songwriter)


“I’ve worked with Colleen on 4 single releases now, and she has surpassed expectations on each one. Almost all of my features, write-ups, and interviews have been because of her hard work. She works quickly but never loses quality because of it, and puts a great amount of effort into helping artists achieve their release goals. I recommend her to anyone in Nashville who is releasing music, and I look forward to working with her again. She is flexible, open to new ideas, affordable, and so easy to work with!”

-Spencer Jordan (Singer/Songwriter)


“Anchor Publicity has truly helped me build my brands. When I decided to look for PR, I was looking for someone I could trust. In an industry where you have to be cautious of who you work with, I am proud to say that I feel safe and confident with Anchor. They are one of the hardest working teams in Nashville. They go above and beyond and always bring their A-Game. I see huge things for them in the near future.”

-Megan Barker (Singer/Songwriter, Host of “Jammin’ in Jammies”)


“Colleen and Anchor Publicity are fantastic!”

-Jonathan Plevyak (Singer/Songwriter)


“Colleen rocks!! She is so helpful with getting your new release to the right people! She also helped me think of fun ways to do a giveaway for my recent single as well. She’s a fantastic partner and is always available to answer questions about whatever! So lucky to work with her!!”

-Allison Asarch (Singer/Songwriter)



“Can definitely vouch for Anchor Publicity – Colleen is awesome!”

-Z. Smith (Hip-Hop Artist)

“Colleen at Anchor Publicity is sharp, prompt, encouraging and GETS placements.”

-Kendra Muecke of Kendra & the Bunnies (Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Poet and Author)


“I was super straightforward about where I’m at in my career and my goals/budget and Colleen made me feel safe and heard. She was a great teammate for my last release and I would recommend her to anyone who needs PR. So professional and hard working and so easy to work with! 100/10.”

-Julia Cannon (Singer Songwriter


“Colleen was so awesome to work with on my last single off my upcoming album! I highly recommend her!”

-Nick Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)


“I worked with Colleen on my debut single release and she was so awesome! She kept me in the loop on everything, was super communicative and thoughtful, and I really enjoyed the process. Highly recommend!”

-Marion Shaina (Singer/Songwriter)


“The best in the business! Quite successful in the Music City scene here in Nashville. Colleen Lippert has definitely made a great name for herself in the Music Industry and a leader that can be trusted to give her all, for the talented artist seeking their dreams a reality!
Thank you Colleen.”

-John Wilson (Owner, Nashville Builders LLC)


“I loved working with Anchor! They went above and beyond to make sure my first single was mentioned in multiple magazines! 10/10 recommend!”

-Shannon Quinn (Singer/Songwriter)


“Colleen was an absolute joy to work with! She is communicative and open to any ideas, and it’s super easy to customize and personalize your experience with PR. This was my first time hiring someone for PR, and I am absolutely blown away by the results. I was able to make so many new connections and meet so many different people!”

-Marta Palombo (Singer/Songwriter)

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