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Interview With Anchor Publicity: What is a Press Release?

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Tell me: Are you someone who loves creating, but feels awkward talking about it?  Do you want to be written about in blogs to extend your social reach? Have you ever sent a press release?

Here’s my ignorance.  Until I began blogging on, I had no idea what a press release was.  Nobody really spoke about them. I never thought about them at all as a tool to expand my reach as an artist.  Since beginning this crazy blogging journey, I’ve received and responded to hundreds.

I’m not knocking my blog baby, Nashville Offbeat, but I will say; we’re a lot easier to get featured on than a lot of other blogs.  We’re still pretty new, and growing, so obviously our reach does not extend as far as Rolling Stone or A&R Factory. But one thing I imagine we do have in common with those publications is that we appreciate professionalism.  I can guarantee that those bigger blogs and websites only cover artists who reach out to them in the most professional way possible 𑁋 with a press release, most likely sent from a PR company.

We recently learned from our partners at Anchor Publicity, a local PR company specializing in independent artists, that one of the most common questions they get from artists is “What is a press release?”  To clear up some murky waters, we are asking Colleen Lippert, (owner of Anchor Publicity), some press-ing questions about the subject.  We started in the most obvious way:

1. What is a press release?

“It’s along the same line as a news brief. A press release gets sent to the media (newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.) and it answers the 5 W’s; who, what, where, when and why. In my experience, sending a press release is the best way to get people talking about your music.”

2. When is it appropriate to send a press release?

“Whenever you have something newsworthy to share with the world! If you are releasing a new single or album, announcing an upcoming tour, signed to a management or record deal – these are a few examples of when sending a press release would come in handy.”

3. How does hiring a PR company increase your odds of getting covered on a media outlet?

“It all comes down to connections. Publicists typically have already built relationships with bloggers, radio stations and magazine editors. It may only take one short phone call or email for a PR firm to lock down an interview, where as it may take someone outside of the PR field a lot longer. With that being said, there are no guarantees in PR.”

4. What are the benefits of hiring a locally-based PR Company vs a global one to send your press releases for you?


“Local press is very important. If you can’t count on your hometown to cover you, who can you count on? While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a global PR firm, locally-based ones are generally smaller and take the time to get to know their clients. This helps to discover which media outlets are the best fit to send press releases or other pitches to.

“At Anchor Publicity, I like to meet with clients in person (if possible) before we start working on any projects. The entertainment industry can sometimes seem a bit robotic, so it’s nice to share a cup of coffee and have that sense of humanity. It helps to get a better sense of who they are as a person, as well as an artist.”

And with that, my friends, we are educated.  I can tell you from the standpoint of a blogger that your first connection with a media outlet is one of the most important ones.  If you want to seem as professional as you possibly can, a press release is a great place to start. If you have further questions about anything PR related (not limited to press releases), Anchor Publicity is happy to talk more with you!  You can reach out to them on their websiteinstagramFacebook, or by emailing directly to:

Interview with Anchor Publicity: So What’s the Deal With PR?!

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Like many of you reading this, I’m a musician, and I’m willing to admit that I only knew two things about PR prior to meeting with someone in the industry.  Those two things were: The letters “P” and “R,” stand for Public Relations, and that my friends sometimes hire agencies like this when they want to create a buzz around their music.

We all want a buzz to be happening around our music!  When we’re featured in a blog, or on a podcast, or do a live interview on a radio station, it creates momentum.   Momentum from which we can ultimately gain new fans, book more shows, and (fingers crossed) make more money.

With that in mind, some of you may say, “but I don’t need to hire anyone to get my name out there because I know how to send an email.”  I felt the same way until I realized that this mindset caused me to miss out on opportunities to be featured by media outlets. It takes a lot of time to establish the connections, write the perfect press release, and to research the best places to reach out to – especially if you’re working a day job and writing new music in your free time.  Luckily, Colleen Lippert, owner of Anchor Publicity, has already established those relationships, done the research, and writes the press releases. So, to get us all on the same page and to widen our resourceful intellect, we’re doing monthly interviews with Colleen about PR and how it can be beneficial to you!

1. What does a PR company do for an independent artist?

“At Anchor Publicity, I offer a vast variety of services, including professional biographies, press release production, social media management, electronic press kits, tour press, album promotion, crisis management and general career guidance.

As a publicist, it’s my job to get people talking about you! I handle all media relations with bloggers, magazine editors, radio programmers, television stations, etc. and set up artist interviews. I also attend artists’ shows and ensure “meet and greets” with fans run smoothly.”

2. When is an artist ready to hire a PR company?  Are there any milestones that they should hit before reaching out to you?

“In my opinion, it’s never too early for PR. The sooner people hear your name and your music, the sooner your fan base starts growing! Releasing a new single, gearing up for a tour, promoting a new album – these are all great examples of when to hire a publicist.”

3. When an artist hires Anchor Publicity, what does the first month of that contract look like?  What results can they expect to see?

“There are two different options I offer my clients. The first one is a monthly retainer where artists are provided an unlimited amount of PR services during each month.  A monthly retainer also guarantees the artist a permanent spot at Anchor Publicity. 

The other option is “a la carte.” If an artist isn’t looking to do a long campaign or can’t afford to do a monthly retainer, they can choose to “buy as they go.” They might need a press release one month, but nothing else until a few months down the road. This option can be more cost effective, but does not guarantee that a spot will be open in the future.

With PR, you pay for effort. While an artist feature or interview cannot be guaranteed, I promise to work diligently on your behalf to get you the best results.”

4. On a personal note, what drives you (as owner of Anchor Publicity), to do this work for musicians? 

“I’ve always been fascinated with the entertainment business – especially the music industry. When I was seven years old, I attended my first concert and saw Cher at Madison Square Garden in New York City. I was mesmerized by the bright lights and fancy costumes, but what I loved even more was the power that music had. Thousands of complete strangers, of all different ages, races and social classes, bonded for one night while singing the lyrics to their favorite songs. It was if time had stopped for a few hours and that feeling still resonates with me today. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in this business and I’m so grateful to be living out my dream while helping others achieve theirs.”

5. How can artists contact you who are interested in working together, or who may be in the future?

“I can be contacted through my website,, or through my Facebook and Instagram accounts – @AnchorPublicity. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me! I love meeting new people and look forward to embarking on new adventures.”

As mentioned above, Nashville Offbeat will be doing monthly articles with Colleen Lippert and we would love to hear what you’re questions are about PR!  If there’s something you would like to know, please email Christine at info@nashvilleoffbeat.comand we will be sure to get you an answer.

Music Celebration: Happy Anniversary, Anchor Publicity!

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Let us set the stage and tell you what you missed, (or didn’t miss), this past Thursday evening at Frisky Frog’s on Demonbreun.  We had:

Live Music.
Goodie-bags filled with cookies, mints, earbuds, pens, and discount codes.
And best of all….

A really awesome reason to celebrate!

Our good friends at Anchor Publicity just surpassed their two-year anniversary!  That’s right.  They have been building bridges and helping artists for an entire two years now.  In fact, they’re so good at it that they get to continue doing it!  Here at Nashville Offbeat, we have been recommending Anchor Publicity to our community for months.  Among many other reasons, we love this company because it’s run by a sincerely passionate and hard-working human.  Colleen Lippert hustles for each artist on her roster; gaining results and propelling music careers forward through writing press releases and professional bios, managing social media, and promoting tours and albums.

The night was hosted by Jammin’ in Jammies, run by Country artist Megan Barker.  She is an exceptional songwriter and a pinnacle for the Nashville music scene.  She curates songwriters across all genres each Thursday night at Frisky Frogs for a truly unique Music City experience.  These nights involve wearing pajamas out in public, and bring together a community of songwriters and fans alike.  This week showcased eleven exceptional different artists.  Among them: Austin Steele (folk/rock), Michelle Pereira(Pop, Soul), Jan Buckingham (Country), and of course, Megan Barker herself!

Here’s to another year of amazing service from Anchor Publicity!  If you’re in need of any PR services, connect with them on Instagram and Facebook, check out their website at, or email owner Colleen Lippert directly at to get started.


“Anchor Yourself to Something Special.”


Nashville, TN (July 15, 2018) – Country superstar Bucky Covington is back with a brand new song! “Probably Won’t,” which was written, produced, and released by Covington on Barefootin’ Records, is already trailblazing the music charts. The new single is not only among the top ten most added songs on Music Row country charts, but is quickly becoming a crowd favorite at shows on Covington’s current U.S. tour.

With touching lyrics like You should probably just come back home, but you probably won’t get around to that, and time won’t ever bring you back, the relatable ballad about loving and letting go is sure to tug on heartstrings.

Bucky Covington’s self-titled debut CD opened at #1 on Bilboard’s Top Country Albumschart, with the biggest first week of sales for any debut country artist that year. He went on to become the best-selling debut artist of 2007, delivering three consecutive Top 10 singles to country radio (“Different World,” “I’ll Walk,” “Good to be Us”) and a total of six charted singles.

In 2012, Covington released his “Good Guys” CD, which paid homage to firemen, police officers and first responders. The album included the feel good summer tune “Buzzin’,” as well as a duet with Shooter Jennings called “Drinking Side of Country.” The video for the duet reached over two million views in two short days following its premiere and features Kellie Pickler and other celebrity friends.

In 2015, Covington co-produced his first independent project, a six song EP entitled “Happy Man,” alongside Grammy-nominated producer Dale Oliver.

In addition to competing on the fifth season of American Idol, Bucky’s national television appearances have included Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly!, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Doctors and Fox and Friends.

For additional information, visit and connect with Bucky on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Nashville, TN (July 9, 2018) – In a time where country music seems to be dominated by songs about girls, back roads and tailgate parties, the independently-released CD, Between The Devil and The Angel from Bryan James, is a welcome return to country music roots and steel guitars.

The album originally debuted at #8 on the Itunes charts, in the same company as national recording artists James Taylor, Tyler Childers and Colter Wall. From the title track about two characters sitting on opposite shoulders of all people, to the acoustic track “Every Now and Then” that gives the feeling of a  lost loved one being with you at times, this album has been getting airplay on stations in almost every state in the U.S.

“There’s something about being able to close your eyes and have a song put you right in the middle of it,” James explains. You can stream Between The Devil and The Angel on Spotify, as well as download the album on iTunes. To download a special acoustic version of the album, text the word “song” to  71441.

Originally from Killeen, Texas, Bryan James is a songwriter with a passion for the older style of country music played by legends like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr. James has opened for legends like David Allan Coe multiple times, playing festivals with some of the biggest names in Country Music today such as  Cody Johnson, Alan Jackson, Easton Corbin, Shooter Jennings, Marty Stuart, Tyler Childers, Robert Earl Keen and Ray Willie Hubbard. With his sophomore album Between The Devil and The Angel debuting at number 8 on the ITunes charts, it’s no wonder you’re starting to see his name show up more and more!

For more information, visit and connect with Bryan James on Facebook and Instagram.



SALT LAKE CITY—Violinist Jenny Oaks Baker has quite the talented children.  So talented, in fact, that her four musical children—age 16, 14, 13, and 11—have performed with her all over the world, from Vienna, Austria, to Japan and Taiwan, and throughout the United States.

So when fellow touring artist Jason Lyle Black, known as “The Backwards Piano Man®”, approached Baker for a YouTube tribute to Pixar’s The Incredibles, she readily accepted.  Black arranged the music for the video. The production features Baker’s family as the film’s main characters and himself as the film’s villain, Syndrome. You can watch the video HERE!

“I love the fact that Jenny’s family lined up perfectly with the main characters in The Incredibles, so we just had to make this video,” Black notes.  “Her entire family is so talented and just fit the concept perfectly!”

Black made national headlines in 2016 with his real-life adaptation on another Pixar film, UP, featuring his 80-year-old grandparents at the piano.  In late 2017, Black’s Moana video, featuring the first-ever piano trio of individuals with Down syndrome, reached over half a million viewers nationally, and was featured by CNN and Huffington Post.

For more information about Jason Lyle Black, including Black’s new piano book of Disney Medleys, or to book Black for a performance or speaking engagement, visit

For more info and booking inquiries with Jenny Oaks Baker & Family Four, please visit

Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles II hits theaters on June 15.



Nashville, TN (June 1, 2018) – Missouri native and deaf singer/songwriter Aaron Schilb is returning to The Show-Me State with #1 hit songwriter Christopher DeLisle on July 27th. The duo will perform at Eastside Tavern (8pm), with doors opening at 6pm and The Calvin Street Band performing at 7pm. There will be a $3 cover at the door and karaoke to follow the live music at 9:30pm.

Schilb is undeniably excited to return to Eastside Tavern, where he played every Wednesday night before moving to Tennessee. “I may live in Nashville now, but Columbia will always be my home. I’ve got tons of new music and crazy stories to share! Can’t wait to see all of my Kewpies, Bruins, and Tigers again. Come on out, CoMo!”

Noting Paul McCartney, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Chuck Berry as a few of his musical influences, Schilb has developed a blues-rock sound that is like no other. He released his debut album, “Tonic,” in April 2017 and began touring in support of his new record, “Rock & Roll Degenerate,” which is set to be released in September 2018.

About Aaron:
Aaron Schilb resisted his family’s urges to play music as a child. Raised in the constant presence of musicians, his father, a pianist, and mother, a composer, both provided piano lessons from an early age. He initially held a strong aversion to following in the footsteps of his family, but the motivation to be a musician came upon seeing “School of Rock” as a teenager and countless nights spent playing Guitar Hero. Music was no longer entertainment – it was a way of life. At the age of 11 years, Aaron began losing his hearing. Ignoring doctor’s orders to stop playing music and live life quietly – he taught himself to play the guitar and has since committed his life to music in the face of advancing deafness.

For more information, visit and connect with Aaron on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Nashville, TN (May 21, 2018) – New Jersey native and singer/songwriter Lacey Caroline is set to release her new single, “Ain’t That Girl,” (produced by Ryan Rossebo) on May 23, which is also Lacey’s birthday! You can preview the single HERE!

Beginning at the young age of fourteen, Lacey’s goal in music has always been to tell a story with her songs. “Music, for me, was a place where I fit in. No matter what was going on in my life or school, I found a comfortable place between my headphones. I’ve always wanted to give that feeling to other people with my music and songs,” she explains.

Lacey sets herself apart from the rest with her tomboy, down-to-earth style. With feisty, yet empowering, lyrics like If you’re looking for an easy quick-ride backseat kind of night, if you’re looking for a fast-paced first date, please don’t waste your time, you can play me like a country song, play it all night on and turn my radio on, but unless you’re Hank or Merle I ain’t that girl, Lacey’s new single is sure to be a summertime hit.

Originally starting her music career in a pop rock band, she opened for global names like Gavin DeGraw and Bon Jovi. Lacey has combined her pop and rock energy with her love of country music lyrics to develop a “Southern Rock” vibe heavily influenced by artists such as Lee Ann Rimes, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift (circa 2007), New Found Glory and the Foo Fighters. She has since opened for country duo Thompson Square and performs in historic honkytonks on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lacey is bringing her audience along on her journey as she provides the opportunity to show support through her fan-funded Bandtwango campaign. This campaign allows fans to engage with her music, choosing from a variety of different rewards if they donate to the campaign. You can contribute to her campaign HERE!

In addition to releasing her new single, the spunky songwriter will continue to rock the country music world with a release of an upcoming EP this summer. “With a set of vocals that remind you of Hillary Scott meets Katy Perry and a songwriting talent that has the potential to give Kacey Musgraves a run for her money, Caroline is destined to have a very bright future in country music,” proclaims Kalyn Jacobs (Ashlevans Entertainment).

For more information, visit and engage with Lacey on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.



Nashville, TN (May 13, 2018) – New EDM artist notsure recently released his debut EP, entitled “Whois,” to all digital platforms.

Discovered by Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) during a Twitch stream last October, New Jersey native Aleks Fedoriw (notsure) has already been compared to artists like Telefon Tel Aviv and Ryoji Ikeda. “That’s really good. I like it. I’d actually listen to this,” Zimmerman proclaimed on YouTube. Click HERE to watch the full critique.

“After having deadmau5 listen to my tracks, I decided to explore music a bit more seriously and went on to create Whois,” notsure explains. You can download the five-song album on iTunes HERE!

For more information, you can connect with notsure on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud.



Nashville, TN (May 13, 2018) – Nashville based singer/songwriter and country cutie Megan Barker recently released her newest EP, “Leather Souls,” to iTunes. You can download it HERE!

“A little over a year ago I moved back to the town I was born. As soon as I arrived, I hit the ground running songwriting-wise. I fell into these incredible tunes with my insanely talented co-writers. There’s a song on here for every mood. Time to party? Tequila Told Me To. Getting over someone? It Don’t Break My Heart. Dreaming of what the future holds? When My Boots Were New. Miss someone who’s no longer here? I Cuss When I Pray,” Barker exclaims.

Born into the music industry, her father, Bobby P. Barker, wrote songs for country legends such as Ronnie Milsap and Barbara Mandrell. Her mother, Barbara Smith-Barker, was also a touring artist and session singer. Megan spent her childhood in studios and writing sessions where she learned at an early age how to craft a lyrical narrative.

Megan started her career singing at local Las Vegas venues where her unique and prolific songwriting and contagious melodies helped her to play bigger venues, including The Linq, Monte Carlo, First Friday Festival, The House of Blues, The Hard Rock Cafe and more. She has also had the privilege of opening for the likes of Montgomery Gentry, Lee Brice and Eli Young Band.

“Performing live music professionally in Las Vegas was a huge blessing, but Nashville is where I belong – creating songs by day and performing at night. I’ll see ya’ll out on the road!”

Barker is also the host for the wildly popular Nashville writer’s-round, Jammin’ in Jammies. Previously held at South, the event will now take place every Thursday night (7pm-10pm) at Whiskey Rhythm Saloon, starting on May 17th. Opening night will also serve as Barker’s EP release party.

For more information, visit and engage with Megan on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.