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Nashville, TN (April 22, 2022) – Indie/Rock songwriter and recording artist Aspasia recently released her newest single “The Millennial.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With edgy lyrics like you bite your tongue and pierce your nose, your last attempt at letting go, “The Millennial” describes that familiar feeling of teenage angst that many listeners will be able to relate to.

“There was this group of guys at my school that called themselves The Millennials,” Aspasia explains. “They all dyed their hair black, got tattoos and would stand outside smoking cigarettes. They thought they looked so cool. Deep down, I could tell they were all hurting and trying to find a way to make life less painful – and I think that can apply to a lot of us. You got a tattoo just to prove you like life when it hurts, but you don’t have to hurt. I wrote ‘The Millennial’ about those boys and the universal struggle of coping with life.”

About Aspasia:

Aspasia is an Indie/Rock artist based in Nashville, TN. Her exciting live shows compel audience members to dance to the melodic synth and dynamic drums beats. Influenced by artists like Coin, Twenty One Pilots and Hippo Campus, Aspasia has a passion for lyrical storytelling and hopes to take listeners on an introspective journey when listening to her music. At the end of every show, spectators get a unique and unforgettable experience as Aspasia sends a sea of bubbles into the crowd.