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Nashville, TN (July 4, 2022) – United States Army veteran and singer/songwriter Malachias recently released his debut solo album “For Those That Remain.” You can listen to it HERE!

The life story of the American military veteran, For Those That Remain is dedicated to all the veterans who are still standing tall and living their lives, regardless of their injuries – either physical or mental – and to the family members who have lost loved ones either in combat or through suicide. This album seeks to put a spotlight on the sacrifice our military service members and nations warfighters give daily on a basis.

Track Listing:
1. Legacy
2. All For You
3. Baptized By Fire
4. Falling Down
5. Wallet Size
6. Cut Off
7. For Those That Remain
8. A Warrior’s Garden

With patriotic lyrics like take our hand and we’ll walk you through, we’ll walk shoulder to shoulder with you, the title track shines a light on the camaraderie American military members share for one another.

“I’ve been sitting with this album stuck in my head for several years,” Malachias explains. “The purpose of For Those That Remain is to tell the life story of the military veteran – from the desire to want to join as a child and take his place in the family legacy, to the differences after coming home from combat, to finding a new purpose after the military. Having lived every one of these songs myself, I felt like it was a story, in its entirety, that needed to be told…not just from the perspective of the veteran, but also from the loved ones in the family as well.”

About Malachias:
Malachias was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and grew up listening to Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino and Southern Rock music. He always had music in his heart and mind from his childhood all the way through his school years. Right after high school, he helped launch the first of what would be many bands throughout his 30 years in music.

Malachias served in the Indiana Army National Guard as both a Combat Medic and an Infantryman. During his time on active duty, he deployed to Iraq twice – once as a medic and then a second time as an Army Bandsman, fronting the 3rd Infantry Divisions rock/county cover band “Sasquatch.”

Over the years, Malachias fronted many different bands in multiple genres, including Rock, Blues, County, Punk, Metal, and Alternative. In 2004, he had his first taste of music stardom with his rock band “Severence.” He had driven to Chicago to audition for the TV show INXS Rock Star and was kept behind by the staff to inquire about his original music and his band. Shortly after that, “Severence” fell apart and Malachias re-enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic (Health Care Specialist).

Malachias has been compared to many different vocalists, such as Scott Stapp, Layne Staley, Sully Erna and Chad Kroger, but he brings his own vocal flavor to the stage. He has been blessed to learn under the tutelage of Brett Manning (Singing Success). His music is a mixture of Hard Rock and Southern Rock and his faith is sprinkled throughout the lyrics.

Malachias retired from the Army and moved to the Nashville, TN area in 2014 and released his debut solo album For Those That Remain.

For more information, visit and connect with Malachias on Facebook and Instagram.



Nashville, TN (May 18, 2022) – Denver based rock band Shanghai Metro Temple recently released their debut self-titled album. You can listen to the ten-song collection HERE!

Track Listing:
1. Take a Chance 2. Follow Me
3. Become
4. Out of Sight
5. The Sun
6. Forever
7. Six Feet
8. D.T.A.B
9. Beast
10. In the Dark

“Beast, for us, is a song about the pandemic; there are struggles we all faced and things that tested even the most resilient of people during that time, and to us, we needed to say something about how we felt,” the band explains. “Although we might not be able to controlthe beast ourselves, there are things in our lives that are more important to focus on and we think this song does a great job of expressing that.”

About Shanghai Metro Temple:

Shanghai Metro Temple (Devyn Lynch, Patrick Edler, Kevin Graf, Justin Stasio, Kalel Vigil) went from a pandemic idea to a sensational band of musicians headlining in Denver, Colorado, making headway in this industry with a new blend of rock music while creating exceptional experiences for fans both live and online. Join Shanghai Metro Temple on a journey through driving choruses, poetic lyrics, and a diverse range of musical backgrounds that many have already come to enjoy.

From gliding down snowy slopes to clipping an anchor above a rocky canyon, this band is constantly fueled and inspired by the beauty and adventure of their home state. Under dark twinkling skies and peaceful mountain evenings, inspiration runs freely through this group of best friends intent on sharing with the world their experiences and challenges through their music. With their most recent release and enthusiastic online support, Shanghai Metro Temple has become one of the best up-and-coming rock bands that Colorado has seen in this decade.

For more information, visit and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify.