Nashville, TN (April 28, 2021) – Alternative Rock singer/songwriter Mexx Heart recently released her new single “All That Was Mine.” Click HERE to listen!

With angsty lyrics like now I can’t predict the future, but it doesn’t look good for you, maybe there’s no room for anyone who lies when they say I love you, “All That Was Mine” is sure to resonate with anyone that has gone through a bitter breakup.

“I like to make music that is relatable to real people with real problems,” Mexx explains. “I want fans to realize that their feelings and emotions are valid and deserve to be expressed. Life’s too short to care about what everyone thinks, so be unapologetically yourself and take risks.”

About Mexx Heart:
Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Mexx Heart discovered her passion for music at a young age. When she was a child, her father would blast his favorites through the radio, heavily influencing Mexx’s eclectic musical tastes. Inspired by artists like Green Day, Billy Idoland Van Halen, Mexx has cultivated her own alternative sound, mixing garage-grunge with 90’s viva-la-revolution lyricism.

In the spring of 2020, Mexx released her first single entitled “Roses.” She released her following singles, “Comatose” and “Skipping Stones,” that September. In February 2021, she released a cover of Green Day‘s “American Idiot.”

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Nashville, TN (April 16, 2021) – Pop singer/songwriter CASSANDRA just released her debut EP entitled “Made for Me.” You can listen to it HERE!

The four-song EP includes previously released singles Drinking Games, Like You and Love Country, which have all received positive press from publications like The Sounds Won’t Stop, Sleeping Bag Studios, BuzzMusic, Medium and more.

“Made for Me” Track List:
1. Drinking Games
2. Like You
3. Love Country
4. Made for Me

Made for Me is an anthem for being unapologetically YOU,” CASSANDRA explains. “People may try to hold you back, tell you to be less, or judge you for being yourself. This song is an ode to the fighters who aren’t afraid to be themselves and will take charge of their lives before allowing someone else to hold them down. I thought Made for Me was the perfect title for this EP, as I broke out from my world of classical singing into pop. I really did make this for me to follow my heart, spark my creativity, and find my sound.”

Born in Rockville, MD, CASSANDRA began singing as soon as she could speak. She grew up in Duluth, GA before moving to Binghamton, NY for middle school and high school. Her family resides in Jacksonville, FL. “Every city I’ve lived in has taught me something about myself and the world around me,” she explains. “Although it was difficult to move often, I’m grateful for the memories I have made and the lessons I have learned in each place.”

In high school, CASSANDRA began to dabble with her songwriting skills, composing several pop songs but never releasing them. It wasn’t until the Coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in 2020 that she found what she loved most about the creative process of music. She started writing and co-writing pop music and began recording soon after.

As a trained opera singer, CASSANDRA has a vast vocal range that spans over four octaves. She has a fierce sound, with the ability to seamlessly weave in and out of tricky vocal runs that would trip up most singers.  As an artist, her goal is to never treat two songs the same, thus developing a new sound for each one.

CASSANDRA is currently attending the New England Conservatory of Music, where she is studying Classical Voice and Opera.

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Nashville, TN (April 12, 2021) – Country music sweetheart and singer/songwriter Carrie Cunningham is back with her fourth single from her Showgirl Series! Click here to listen to “Doors Don’t Close” (co-written with Dave Quirk).

With relatable lyrics like every time I try to shut you out, you keep coming back and it starts all over, Carrie is sure to stun fans with this beautiful ballad.

“This song is an emotional deep dive and is one of only two ballads for the Showgirl Series,” Carrie explains. “It’s hard for anybody when there is someone in their life who they just can’t seem to let go of – be it a lover, a parent or an animal. Doors Don’t Close shows the classic rock influence of Fleetwood Mac, especially in the end with the blend of guitar and vocal harmonies. I can still see myself on stage in the early 2000’s singing classic rock and blues songs in the clubs. Good times.”

About Carrie Cunningham:
Carrie is based in both Nashville, Tennessee and Huntington Beach, California. She has been a touring artist for two decades and has performed on over 1,000 stages. She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with over 50 national acts, such as Kacey Musgraves, Charlie Daniels, Jake Owen, Crystal Gayle, Diamond Rio, Collective Souland more.

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Nashville, TN (March 30, 2021) – Alternative/Pop-Rock singer/songwriter Nick Ryanrecently released his new single “Bow Down.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With rebellious lyrics like I’m not gonna stand in line and be fine with your rules and regulations, “Bow Down” is sure to be a fun, fan-favorite anthem amongst listeners. You can watch the official music video HERE!

“I wanted to write an empowerment song that was fun and full of attitude – one of those tracks that psych you up when you’re getting ready in the morning or going to the gym,” Nick explains. “Growing up on the east coast south of DC, I wanted to channel that hip-hop aggression in this song. I had recently gotten back home from visiting Nashville for Tin Pan South 2018 and did a Skype co-write with Jessica Fodor, who I met at the seminar. We had such a blast writing it and we wrote two more songs together that will be on the new album. I’ve been wanting to record it and release it for a long time and I’m so excited to share this with everyone!”

About Nick Ryan:
Nick Ryan is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He graduated with degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. He was a member of GRAMMY U during college and transitioned to a Voting Member of the Recording Academy in 2016.

Five years since his debut album Lone Wolf, Nick Ryan is coming back with a vengeance with his sophomore effort Nemesis. During that time, Nick worked with GRAMMY winners, former major label band members and music publishers and songwriters across North America and Europe, trying to hone in on his artistry and take his career to the next level. After many trials, errors and disappointments trying to please everyone but himself, he has finally taken control of his artistry. Experimenting with various producers both in the Washington, DC area and his new home in, Nashville, TN, he has finally found the right collaborators to realize his vision. Produced by Jordan Grubbs at Magic Square Recording in Nashville, Nemesis is a collection of songs dealing with taking control and power back. 

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Christopher Griffiths’ New Album, Lime Lake Road, Out Today!

Nashville, TN (March 30, 2021) – Award-winning artist, Christopher Griffiths, released his sophomore album, Lime Lake Road, today. The six-track album was all written and produced by Griffiths and was mixed and mastered by Thom Donovan.  The new album is available for purchase HERE and is also on all streaming services. In addition, this release offers exclusive limited-edition merchandise available at Griffiths will also make his debut on Today in Nashville today.

“My debut EP was very electronic synth music and light hearted lyrically,” explains Griffiths. “So, after I did that record, I looked at the other half of my songs, the personal ones about my childhood and the places I grew up. Ones about family, about heartache. And I moved to the more acoustic instruments, even learning to play harmonica and mandolin. So, this is very much a passion project, a diary entry into my musical catalog.”

The widely anticipated six-track album, Lime Lake Road, delivers messages of both love and inspiration. Features are singles, “Best Part of You,” and “Take on You.” Fans can learn more about the album on About Insider The Country Note, Volatile Weekly, The Fifth Parlour and Music Update Central.


Lime Lake Road Track List: 
1. “Day Dreamer”
2. “Best Part of You”
3. “Holes”
4. “Take on You”
5. “Across the Bridge”
6. “Lime Lake Road”

About Christopher Griffiths:
Growing up in the cold winters in Michigan, Christopher Griffiths dreamed of becoming a rock star at a young age. He began playing in bands when he was just nine years old and continued on throughout high school. At age 13, he would DJ school dances and his music teacher would let him chart music for the high school band. That’s where his love of music started and continues on to this day. A multi-talented musician, Griffiths plays bass, guitar, keys, synth, harmonica, mandolin and upright bass. “Give me an hour and a bottle of scotch and I’ll learn to play something,” he jokes.

After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Griffiths moved to Nashville at the age of 22. He began working and collaborating with various artists, such as Natalie Stovall, Will Hoge, Anthony Orio, Tera Lynn Fister, John Rennie-Hynes, Stewart Eastham and Crystal Shawanda (with whom he won a Juno Award). “All my heroes are my friends,” he revels.

Heavily influenced by an array of artists from Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to Dr. Dre and Iggy Pop, Griffiths is drawn to authentic lyrics that provide the listener with a story. “I’m not trying to be perfect – I just want to be real. My songs are all just love letters to people with ears.”

In his spare time, the self-proclaimed social butterfly enjoys traveling, playing video games, skiing, cooking and spending time with his wife and two one-eyed cats. “My wife is a big influence because she can’t see anything but her goals and I would like to be more like that.”

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Nashville, TN (March 26, 2021) – Country music singer/songwriter Megan Barker recently released her new single “Tears in Tuscaloosa” (co-written with Andi Renfree and Bill DiLuigi). You can listen to the song HERE!


With empowering lyrics like I scuffed my boots in Albuquerque, to forget how bad you hurt me, “Tears in Tuscaloosa” is sure to resonate with those who have ended a relationship. Click HERE to watch the official acoustic music video.


“This is your classic breakup song…except it isn’t,” Megan explains. “Tears in Tuscaloosais about taking your ‘goodbye on the road’ – kissing cowboys and dancing in country bars all across America, all just to get over someone. There’s something magical and healing about a road trip.”


About Megan Barker:

Megan Barker came into this world with songwriting in her blood. Born in Nashville, Megan’s father wrote songs for legends like Ronnie Milsap, Barbara Mandrell, Hank Williams Jr. and more. By the age of 16, Megan was living in Las Vegas and performing live music professionally on the world famous Las Vegas Strip, and opening concerts for superstars like Lee Brice, Montgomery Gentry, Eli Young Band and more.

Since moving back to her hometown of Nashville, TN in 2017, Megan has performed at famed venues and showcases like The Bluebird Cafe, Whiskey Jam, BusCall, Revival, CMA Fest and more. In 2018, Megan released her highly anticipated EP “Leather Souls,” produced by Brad Hill (Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne), which has garnered 400K streams to date. That same year, Megan started the popular weekly live show in Nashville, Jammin In Jammies, which features hit songwriters performing their hit songs in pajamas. In 2019, Megan embarked on her first European tour, traveling across both Scotland and Ireland. She has also received endorsements from Shure Microphones, McPherson Guitars and Dan Post cowboy boots.

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Nashville, TN (March 25, 2021) – Pop singer/songwriter Spencer Jordan is back with another hot single! Click HERE to listen to “Fighting Fires.”

With heated lyrics like I’ve been so conditioned by a household that’s always burning up, oh, feelin’ like the only fireman in California, I’m fighting fires, Spencer’s new tune has already become a fast favorite amongst TikTok followers.

“I grew up in a family where I was the ‘fixer,” Spencer explains. “I eventually internalized that role and took in on in my friendships as well. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was using ‘helping others’ as an excuse to ignore my own issues. As an adult, I’m learning that some of my habits may be unhealthy and I need to be there for myself before I can be there for anyone else. This song is for anybody who can relate to that.”

About Spencer Jordan:
Spencer Jordan is a pop singer/songwriter from Jupiter, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016, he began his songwriting and artist career in Nashville, Tennessee. Spencer’s music is a mixture of the music he listened to growing up in his small beach town and the prevailing sounds found in today’s pop, and his writing focuses on the everyday struggles and victories that come with life, love, and growing up. He released his debut EP Season 1 in the fall of 2020.
You can connect with Spencer on InstagramTikTok and Spotify.




Nashville, TN (March 17, 2021) – Indie-Pop singer/songwriter Sarah Mae Chilton recently released her new album “Southern Glitter Pop.” You can listen to it HERE!

The ten-song album mixes modern country melodies with pop vocals similar to those of Amy Winehouse, Ellie Goulding, Kelsea Ballerini and Regina Spektor.

“Each song on the Southern Glitter Pop album represents a story in my life since moving to Nashville to pursue my dreams,” Sarah Mae explains. “I’ve loved like a country song, learned to sparkle like a diva, and have made some dear friends on the way to my dreams. I am filled with gratefulness because now I get to tell the world my truth, with the help of some of the most talented writers and producers Nashville has to offer. Life is beautiful and the best things are possible. Don’t underestimate the power of believing in miracles.”

About Sarah Mae Chilton:
Carolina born, Nashville trained and world bound. Sarah Mae Chilton’s positive, humorous approach to heartbreak and life adds a fresh voice to the pop and pop-country market. Born in Winston-Salem, NC, she first started performing gigs during high school at local writers nights, in her own rock band and for church youth events. During this time, she truly discovered her passion and realized that she wanted to be a music artist.

Sarah Mae got her degree from UNC Chapel Hill and studied Music Composition and Anthropology. Post-graduation she moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her musical dreams.

In Nashville, she made a living singing on Broadway at Tootsies Orchid Lounge – a place famous for discovering legends such as Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and many more. She has been able to write with artists from genres as varied as rap to country, including some Grammy nominated writers.

Sarah Mae Chilton has a lot of music up her sleeve these days and more ambition than ever to make her wildest of dreams come true.

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Nashville, TN (March 15, 2021) – Country music singer/songwriter Gavin Lee recently released his new single “Friend With a Beer.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With relatable lyrics like I love my dog and I love my old John Deere, but a man’s best friend is a friend with a beer, “Friend With a Beer,” produced by Bill McDermott (George Strait, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride) and co-written with Will Rambeaux and Sherrie’ Austin, is sure to be a hit amongst listeners.

“I can’t remember the amount of times I was down and out, wishing I had a friend with a beer that would listen without cutting me off – even if at the end of the conversation all he said was I get it,” Gavin explains. “I hope my music brings that comforting feeling to other people who may also need a friend.”

About Gavin Lee:
Raised in Fort Myers, Florida, Gavin Lee discovered his love for music at a young age. His mom always had music playing while Gavin was growing up – everything from Classic Rock to Country and Pop. He taught himself to play guitar at age ten and began taking professional lessons in high school as a way to cope with his parents’ divorce. After attending a Lynard Skynard concert as a sophomore in high school, Gavin knew he was destined to perform on stage.

Since moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2017, Gavin has released four singles – Old ChevyGone Fishin’Dixie Dreamin’and Millionaire in Mexico. His sound has been influenced by traditional 90’s country artists, as well as the likes of Jason Aldean, Riley Green and Luke Combs. His down-home, dirt-roads and hardworking man identity, coupled with a big heart and endearing smile has gained Gavin an enormous grassroots following.

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Nashville, TN (March 11, 2021) – Singer/songwriter and Country music sweetheart Carrie Cunningham recently released her new single “Showgirl.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With lyrics like too many times I tried to quit this addiction, but I was born the life of a musician, “Showgirl” tells the story of a touring artist while on the road.

Somewhere in the middle of California, after ending her 2019 tour, the lines for Carrie Cunningham’s title track of her Showgirl Series ran across her brain.  Little did she know that the following year, nobody would be playing, or that in 2021 she would be kicking off the year with a single a month under the very name “Showgirl.”

Carrie’s music continues to receive positive reviews, leaving her listeners craving more. “It seems Cunningham has been inspired by some of the country greats for a long time, as those influences pour through and give her a sort of empowerment,” says The Sounds Won’t Stop.

About Carrie Cunningham:
Carrie is based in both Nashville, Tennessee and Huntington Beach, California. She has been a touring artist for two decades and has performed on over 1,000 stages. She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with over 50 national acts, such as Kacey Musgraves, Charlie Daniels, Jake Owen, Crystal Gayle, Diamond Rio, Collective Soul and more.

For more information, visit and follow Carrie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.