Nashville, TN (June 10, 2022) – Americana singer-songwriter Charlotte Morris recently released her new single “Good Kind of Hurt.” You can listen to the song HERE!

After watching a close veteran family member struggle with alcoholism, Charlotte was inspired to write this song. Too often, those who served their country, and are now struggling with a myriad of mental health issues, are forgotten and left behind.

With poignant lyrics like you claim that you can stop at any time, it’s just the way you blow off steam, unwind, “Good Kind of Hurt” foreshadows a message many listeners will connect with.

“I’m hoping that this song can bring more awareness to, and spark more conversation around, the mental illness that is addiction, as well as its close ties to PTSD and our veterans,” Charlotte explains. “All of my music is super personal and autobiographical, andGood Kind of Hurt is no exception. If my song can help at least one person seek help for themselves or their loved ones, it will be a success in my eyes.”

Charlotte will also release a music video for “Good Kind of Hurt” later this summer.

About Charlotte Morris:
Charlotte Morris is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter whose music showcases a unique blend of Americana, Folk, Pop and Country music. From her lilting folk ballads to her rock anthems for a new generation, Charlotte displays a wide aptitude for various styles. She draws inspiration from many of her favorite artists including Delta RaeBrandi CarlileSara Bareilles, and Liz Longely, as well as folk legends like Peter, Paul and MarySimon & Garfunkel, and Joni Mitchell. Her songs, which are mostly auto-biographical, also reflect her years in the theatre, with nuances and lyrical storytelling akin to musical theatre writing. Described as “the love-child of Judy Collins, deftly playing her violin, guitar and our heartstrings”, Charlotte’s music and heartfelt on-stage presence bring audience members along for the emotional ride.

Charlotte released her debut EP To New York, With Love in June 2018, which received recognition from newspapers, music blogs, and playlists worldwide. Since then, Charlotte has released a number of singles, including 2 “quarantunes” about the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a 5 song EP, Sputnik, produced by Nashville-based, Mitch Dane. In Spring 2019, Charlotte embarked on her first solo tour, performing in 15+ cities across the country including Nashville, Austin, and NYC. At the end of 2020, Charlotte released her first full length album, Songs for My Next Ex – an 8-part “story album” that, when listened to from top to bottom, takes listeners through the highs and lows of a tumultuous, yet transformative relationship.

After almost two years, Charlotte is back with new music, produced by Will Gawley of Charlotte Avenue Entertainment. “Good Kind of Hurt” (released on June 10, 2022) is the first of a slew of new releases coming soon from this emerging artist.”

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Nashville, TN (June 3, 2022) – Independent recording artist Brittany Bexton recently released the official music video for her single “Believe Again.” You can watch the video HERE!

Co-written with Erica Sunshine Lee, the emotional ballad is Brittany’s autobiographical journey through her many obstacles. With heartfelt lyrics like how can you trust when your life is shattered, how can you stand when you’re on your knees, “Believe Again” delivers a significant message that is sure to resonate with listeners.

“I wrote Believe Again about my journey healing from PTSD and what it was like getting my faith back in the midst of it,” Brittany explains. “I didn’t want it to be another song that was overly positive. For me, it was a raw biopic of everything I was going through at the time, when my daily prayer was God, I believe! Help me overcome my unbelief. Writing and singing this song has been healing for me and it has been such a joy to see how it’s touched other people. I truly believe that music has the power to break through barriers and bring people hope again. So many people have been through traumatic experiences in their lives and haven’t fully processed the experience. We have been through collective trauma in the last 2.5 years worldwide and I’m so excited to be able to put the music video for this song out now. I hope that it will heal hearts the same way it helped me heal my own.”

About Brittany Bexton:
Brittany Bexton grew up with Aretha Franklin, Motown, and rock and roll as the soundtracks that influenced her musical palate. She began her career as a youngster performing in hometown choirs and the theatre. Brittany studied music intently in high school and took vocal lessons with four master teachers. She attended Pacific Conservatory Theater (PCPA) where she studied acting, singing and dancing, and worked in professional musical theater. In 2011, the determined Northern California native moved to Nashville to dedicate her concentrations toward her music as a full-time endeavor.

Since her relocation to Music City, Brittany has released two CDs (a self-titled album and an EP titled FREE FALL); she has toured to perform at fairs and festivals in 18 states (performing at Fiddler’s & Fiddleheads Festival/Oconto County Fair/Gogebic County Fair/Sonoma County Fair/Wyoming West Festival) sharing the spotlight with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jason Sellers and Sarah Buxton among others.

In Nashville, Brittany has played at special events and venues including 12th & Porter, The Rutledge and The Amethyst Affair. As an active advocate against domestic abuse, Brittany works closely with various charities and affiliated organizations dedicating her time to lend assistance in awareness campaigns throughout the year. In addition to the US, her music has enjoyed airplay in the UK and Europe.

Brittany believes in a greater gift—that her music and writing have a greater purpose to bring joy, laughter, connection and hope to her listeners. Sharing personal insight, testimonials and her belief in a greater power, Brittany has written an inspiring book titled “Learning To Believe Again: 30 Days To Finding Hope, Faith & Comfort in God’s Truth.” (Released February 2020.)  The 200-plus page paperback complements the hopeful and inspiring message of her debut single, “Believe Again,” released on February 28, 2020. She released the official music video for the song on June 3, 2022.

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Nashville, TN (June 3, 2022) – Independent recording artist Sarah Mae Chilton recently released her new, seven-song album entitled “Tucson.” You can listen to it HERE!

Track Listing:
1. Found Myself in the Desert
2. One of These Days
3. Go Away Ghost
4. Caving In
5. Copenhagen
6. Tucson
7. We are a Miracle

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Sarah Mae went out to Tucson, Arizona where her dad had recently moved. She stayed in The Grand Canyon State for six months, recording music that was inspired by the Wild Wild West.

“The Tucson record was truly a miracle album,” Sarah Mae explains. “When Covid first hit, I was literally at a crossroads. I was in a fallout with some good friends, dealing with the aftermath of a toxic relationship, barely making enough on Broadway to cover expenses and in new recovery. Things were not looking good. Going out to Tucson, I found myself again. I got healing in the Arizona sunshine – the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. A generous neighbor offered to support a record and chose a famous studio known for recording for Iron and Wine. The music out there has a lot of inspiration from Mariachi bands and Hispanic culture. Tucson is about love and it’s about miracles. It’s a story of new beginnings and choosing to look toward the sunshine.”

Sarah Mae previously released “Caving In” and “Go Away Ghost,” both receiving positive feedback from fans and press.

About Sarah Mae Chilton:
Carolina born, Nashville trained and world bound. Sarah Mae Chilton’s positive, humorous approach to heartbreak and life adds a fresh voice to the pop and pop-country market. Born in Winston-Salem, NC, she first started performing gigs during high school at local writer’s nights, in her own rock band and for church youth events. During this time, she truly discovered her passion and realized that she wanted to be a music artist.

Sarah Mae got her degree from UNC Chapel Hill and studied Music Composition and Anthropology. Post-graduation she moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her musical dreams.

In Nashville, she makes a living singing on Broadway at Tootsies Orchid Lounge – a place famous for discovering legends such as Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and many more. She has been able to write with artists from genres as varied as rap to country, including some Grammy-nominated writers. She now hosts weekly open-mic nights at the venue.

Sarah Mae Chilton has a lot of music up her sleeve these days and more ambition than ever to make her wildest dreams come true. In March of 2021, she released her album Southern Glitter Pop, followed by her subsequent album Tucson on June 3, 2022.

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Nashville, TN (June 3, 2022) – Rising Indie Rock recording artist Aspasia recently released her new single “Raining.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With ominous lyrics like now I’m spilling all my guts, and I hope it’s not too much, but I just can’t find the words that I’m looking for, “Raining” foreshadows the beginning of the end.

“I kept running into my ex boyfriend 3 years after we broke up,” Aspasia explains. “We would talk about our past relationship and I questioned whether we could still work things out. I romanticized our past and pictured myself running back to him like in the movies. He strung me along, but could never make up his mind about us. Every time we talked, without fail, it was raining. I figured that it had to mean something – maybe a bad omen or a sign to move on. The day I wrote this song was the last day we ever spoke.”

About Aspasia:
Aspasia is an Indie/Rock artist based in Nashville, TN. Her exciting live shows compel audience members to dance to the melodic synth and dynamic drums beats. Influenced by artists like CoinTwenty One Pilots and Hippo Campus, Aspasia has a passion for lyrical storytelling and hopes to take listeners on an introspective journey when listening to her music. At the end of every show, spectators get a unique and unforgettable experience as Aspasia sends a sea of bubbles into the crowd.

Aspasia released her single “The Millennial” on April 22, 2022, receiving positive feedback from both fans and the press. Her newest single “Raining” was released on June 3, 2022.

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Nashville, TN (May 30, 2022) – Indie singer/songwriter and recording artist Mexx Heartrecently released her new single “Another Chance,” in honor of her late brother. You can listen to the touching song HERE!

With gripping lyrics like What could we have done different? What did I need to say? I swear I kept your secrets in my heart buried away, “Another Chance” is a beautiful acoustic tribute that will pull on the heartstrings of many.

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, Mexx continues to shine a light on the important matter. “Depression and suicidal thoughts usually affect those who are
often laughing louder than anyone else in the room,” she explains. “That’s what it looks like. Most people don’t bother to check up on the ones who seem happy. I’m struggling mentally right now is not an easy thing to admit. I buried my barely 20 year old brother and I’m hoping as mental health gains more awareness and the stigma fades, nobody else will have to bury someone they love.”

When speaking on the loss of her brother to suicide, Mexx explained: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the most helpful thing you can do is be there for people. The first few weeks are the roughest. The ones left behind are often fighting the trauma, asking questions and trying to find closure – most often dealing with survivor’s guilt – but, they often still neglect themselves. Clean a room in their house or cook them a meal. Be a shoulder to cry on, especially. Knowing that they don’t have to walk through the fog alone will be a massive weight lifted off the shoulders.”

About Mexx Heart:
Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Mexx Heart discovered her passion for music at a young age. When she was a child, her father would blast his favorites through the radio, heavily influencing her eclectic musical tastes. Inspired by artists like Green Day, Billy
Idol and Van Halen, Heart has cultivated her own unique sound.

In the spring of 2020, Mexx released her first single entitled “Roses.” She released her following singles, “Comatose” and “Skipping Stones,” that September. In February 2021, she released a cover of Green Day’s “American Idiot.” Her new acoustic single “Another Chance” releases in May 2022. She plans to release a full album later this year, featuring a new sound influenced by Taylor Swift (“Folklore” and “Evermore”), The Band Camino and Kingston Hythe.

Mexx continues to leave her mark on the music industry, showcasing her skills both behind the mic and in the studio. Heart was nominated for a coveted Josie Music Award in 2021 and attended the 2022 Grammy Awards with producer Justine Blazer. She had the honor of performing at Barry Manilow’s Grammy afterparty as well, which took place at his luxury penthouse.

You can connect with Mexx on Instagram and TikTok.



Nashville, TN (May 27, 2022) – Indie Folk/Pop recording artist Julia Cannon recently released her newest single “Glow.” You can listen to the song HERE!

Known for her witty, story-telling lyricism, Julia connects with her audience through honesty. With candid lyrics like with my feet up and the cat on the remote, with my phone off, ain’t no replies ’til I want, “Glow” is sure to resonate with listeners.

“I really enjoyed the first chunk of the pandemic,” Julia explains. “I know that sounds messed up, but I’m an introvert who struggles with anxiety and depression. Not having to be anywhere or show up for anyone felt like an incredibly rare opportunity to recharge. I felt free when I wrote Glow. I really spent that time reconnecting with myself, and honestly, I know that I’m better for it.”

About Julia Cannon:
Julia Cannon is a Nashville-based songwriter, recording artist and music producer who is hard to forget. Her soothing, honeyed voice and quirky personality offer a pleasing contrast to the bittersweet honesty of her lyrics.

She was raised in Alaska by a hardworking Filipino mother, in a household Cannon could only describe as “unorthodox.” She developed her wicked sense of humor and offbeat persona early on. As one of only a few people of color in a mostly white, ultra-conservative community, Julia’s creative voice cemented her identity as a young woman who could not – and would not – be overwritten.

Julia Cannon’s sound has been described as playful and relaxing, but her tone transcends the folk-pop genre to include soul, rock, and jazz influences. Cannon credits her genre-bending style to influences such as Ella FitzgeraldPaul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder. In July of 2021, she released her EP Listening, which received positive feedback from both fans and the press. Her newest single “Glow” was released on May 20, 2022.

Julia now has a growing fanbase in Nashville, who join an existing community of ardent supporters both at home in Alaska and across the US. She is quickly becoming a fan-favorite on the popular social media platform TikTok, with over 11K followers.

You can catch Julia this summer at her Newport Folk Fest debut on July 23rd, alongside artists like Joy OladokunBuffalo Nichols, and more with the Black Opry Revue!

For more information, visit and follow Julia on FacebookInstagramTikTok and Spotify.



Nashville, TN (May 20, 2022) – Southern Rock recording artist Joe Hermes recently released his new single “Whiskey Fixer Upper.” You can listen to the song HERE!

Inspired by a personal mantra of the harder you work, the luckier you get, Joe Hermes is all about making music that tells the story of living the daily grind. His new single “Whiskey Fixer Upper” is an American blue-collar anthem, geared to lift the spirits of hard-working men and women everywhere. With the help of Grammy-winning producer Dale Oliver and hit songwriter Dan Couch, Hermes has found a fun and relatable way to depict this rewarding lifestyle.

Known for his honest lyricism, writing and playing music became a form of therapy for Joe in his adult years. “I have learned to channel some of the most difficult parts of my life through songs, as well as how I have worked through them,” he explains. “I put my music out into the world in hopes that it can help others or provide some empathy. No matter if you are at the lowest of lows or at the highest of highs, I want to have a song that can be with you in that moment.”

“Whiskey Fixer Upper” is the follow-up to his most recent single “Stronger Than Whiskey,” which received extensive national radio airplay. The Illinois-based artist continues to build a large and loyal regional following, attracting fans who connect with his no-nonsense approach and rock-infused live shows.

About Joe Hermes:
Joe Hermes discovered his passion for music while growing up in a little country town a couple hours south of Chicago. He remembers playing air guitar and singing along to Bon Jovi songs at family gatherings, which many people still remind him of to this day. Raised in a close-knit family, his father taught him business while his mother instilled faith and compassion into Joe and his siblings.

By grade school, Joe knew he wanted to make music his career when he heard Metallica on a Pizza Hut jukebox with his friends. He played in bands throughout his teenage years, cultivating his edgy blend of rock, modern country and soulful sounds. A high school football standout, Joe attended Quincy University on a scholarship before graduating from Eureka College. He went on to receive his Master’s Degree from Illinois State University.

In 2019, Joe returned to the music industry with a new band and a professionally produced EP. His plans came to a screeching halt with the entrance of the Covid-19 global pandemic. With the lack of shows to promote and the diminishing goals being met, the beginning of 2020 challenged Joe almost to his breaking point. In June of that same year, he was introduced to Grammy Award winning producer and manager, Dale Oliver, through a mutual friend. They began meeting with songwriters and pushing through all the obstacles that stood in their way.

Joe worked closely with country music’s Bucky Covington, developing his first single “Stronger than Whiskey.” The song was released in summer 2021, launching a successful radio tour with live on-air performances across Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. “Stronger than Whiskey” charted for 25 weeks on Nashville’s famous Music Row, debuting at #143 and landing at #81.

Later that year, Joe opened for various country music headlining acts including superstar Craig Campbell and The Voice’s Kinsey Rose. He also got to showcase a more edgier side, opening for rock n’ roll bands Black Stone Cherry and Head East at the McLean County Fair in Illinois.

Joe’s newest single “Whiskey Fixer Upper” (written and produced by hit songwriter Dan Couch and Grammy-winner Dale Oliver) was released on May 20, 2022.

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Nashville, TN (May 18, 2022) – Denver based rock band Shanghai Metro Temple recently released their debut self-titled album. You can listen to the ten-song collection HERE!

Track Listing:
1. Take a Chance 2. Follow Me
3. Become
4. Out of Sight
5. The Sun
6. Forever
7. Six Feet
8. D.T.A.B
9. Beast
10. In the Dark

“Beast, for us, is a song about the pandemic; there are struggles we all faced and things that tested even the most resilient of people during that time, and to us, we needed to say something about how we felt,” the band explains. “Although we might not be able to controlthe beast ourselves, there are things in our lives that are more important to focus on and we think this song does a great job of expressing that.”

About Shanghai Metro Temple:

Shanghai Metro Temple (Devyn Lynch, Patrick Edler, Kevin Graf, Justin Stasio, Kalel Vigil) went from a pandemic idea to a sensational band of musicians headlining in Denver, Colorado, making headway in this industry with a new blend of rock music while creating exceptional experiences for fans both live and online. Join Shanghai Metro Temple on a journey through driving choruses, poetic lyrics, and a diverse range of musical backgrounds that many have already come to enjoy.

From gliding down snowy slopes to clipping an anchor above a rocky canyon, this band is constantly fueled and inspired by the beauty and adventure of their home state. Under dark twinkling skies and peaceful mountain evenings, inspiration runs freely through this group of best friends intent on sharing with the world their experiences and challenges through their music. With their most recent release and enthusiastic online support, Shanghai Metro Temple has become one of the best up-and-coming rock bands that Colorado has seen in this decade.

For more information, visit and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify.


KENDRA & THE BUNNIES GOES POP WITH RELEASE OF NEW ALBUM “of marigolds and lightning bugs”

Nashville, TN (May 13, 2022) – Multi-talented recording artist Kendra & the Bunnies recently released her new album, of marigolds and lightning bugs, and she’s dipping her toes into the pop genre! You can listen to the eight-track compilation, produced by Trent Berry (Dreamrack Studios) at Hyde Street StudiosHERE!

Track Listing:
1. Fool for Gold
2. I Took Route 66
3. Closer
4. born to be happy always
5. Another Rose on My Heart
6. A Group of Crows is Called a Murder
7. I am a Leader
8. Two for the Show

“The themes of the album are strength, charisma and resilience,” Kendra explains. She released the hit single born to be happy always in February of 2022, which has received more than six million song views and almost one million views with her viral social media campaign, the #borntobehappychallenge. She subsequently released I Took Route 66on April 8, 2022, also gaining positive feedback from fans.

Showcasing her hard work and dedication for the industry, Kendra is also nominated for three Josie Music Awards: Best Artist of the Year (Pop), Music Video of the Year(“Passion Roulette” directed by Justine Blazer and co-written by Kendra Muecke, Mark Roma and Justine Blazer) and Best Performance in a Music Video (“born to be happy always“). The Josie Music Awards will be held on October 23, 2022 at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

About Kendra & the Bunnies:
Kendra Muecke is a singer/songwriter, writer, actress, and published author from Houston, TX, now based in Los Angeles, CA. She performs under the stage name “Kendra & the Bunnies” as a freestyle folk, pop rock, and spoken word artist. “Kendra & the Bunnies” performs both as a full band and as a solo acoustic act. Her style heavily utilizes the element of storytelling through song, painting a creative experience for the listener. She has released four albums, charted globally at #8 on the digital radio charts (between Dua Lipa at #7 and Miley Cyrus at #9), published two books, writes for several online music magazines, is SAG-Aftra Eligible and tours nationally.

In 2021, Kendra was invited to join the GRAMMYS Recording Academy as a voting member and she won Best Artist of the Year (multi-genre) at the Josie Music Awards 2021. She was also nominated for a 2021 International Singer-Songwriter Association Award. She released her newest pop album, of marigolds and lightning bugs, in the spring of 2022.

You can read more about Kendra’s music and writing in over 100 publications such as JamBase, American Songwriter, Relix Magazine, Live for Live Music, Denver Westword, Houston CityBook, Grateful Web, Getty Images, Shakedown News, The Hollywood Digest, Indie Pulse Music and more.

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Nashville, TN (April 22, 2022) – Indie/Rock songwriter and recording artist Aspasia recently released her newest single “The Millennial.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With edgy lyrics like you bite your tongue and pierce your nose, your last attempt at letting go, “The Millennial” describes that familiar feeling of teenage angst that many listeners will be able to relate to.

“There was this group of guys at my school that called themselves The Millennials,” Aspasia explains. “They all dyed their hair black, got tattoos and would stand outside smoking cigarettes. They thought they looked so cool. Deep down, I could tell they were all hurting and trying to find a way to make life less painful – and I think that can apply to a lot of us. You got a tattoo just to prove you like life when it hurts, but you don’t have to hurt. I wrote ‘The Millennial’ about those boys and the universal struggle of coping with life.”

About Aspasia:

Aspasia is an Indie/Rock artist based in Nashville, TN. Her exciting live shows compel audience members to dance to the melodic synth and dynamic drums beats. Influenced by artists like Coin, Twenty One Pilots and Hippo Campus, Aspasia has a passion for lyrical storytelling and hopes to take listeners on an introspective journey when listening to her music. At the end of every show, spectators get a unique and unforgettable experience as Aspasia sends a sea of bubbles into the crowd.